Hi, I'm David Rossi.

You’ve reached Smithwood Drive, a creative services studio working with businesses and brands of all sizes on strategy, ideation, copy, content, design, and brand activation.

For over 17 years, Smithwood Drive has produced mind-changing, revenue-generating results on page, shelf, and screen.

Armed with a background in design, copywriting, and sales, I’ve worn many hats in traditional agencies, direct marketing, and startups of all stripes and sizes— both online and off.

I’ve been lucky to work with some incredibly smart and talented people and teams from all disciplines, and have leveraged that experience while cultivating a passion for the never-ending advances in how we reach and talk to one another.

These days, I stay nimble, curious, and humble. I scale as necessary, offering as-needed services to agencies in need of extra mindshare on a project, makers and entrepreneurs who need to position to the right consumer, or companies looking to launch or reinvigorate their look, message, or product lineup.

Best of all? I get to work with some really cool people from all walks who bring great ideas and fresh challenges to the table.

Have some you’re ready to tackle? Let’s talk. 970 368 5757