Hi, I’m David Rossi.

I’m a creative director and strategist working both independently and together with talented teams to produce and deliver mind-changing, revenue-generating results on page, shelf, and screen.

Creative-focused. Business-minded.

Under the banner of my creative services studio, Smithwood Drive, I offer a scalable, as-needed branding resource to businesses at any stage looking to reach a new audience, launch a new brand, or reinvigorate an old one.

Armed with a background in design, copywriting, and B2B sales, I’ve worn many hats in traditional agencies, direct marketing, and startups of all stripes and sizes—both online and off. I am grateful to work with talented people who keep me curious and humble—it cultivates a passion for the never-ending changes in how we talk to one another.

I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

Have an idea? Need one?

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